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Cithway™ Cake Decorating Piping Pen Tool and Nozzle Set

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Dress up your homemade sweets with a fun pop of icing swirl and stunning designs only with this cake decorating tool set!

A handy set of decorating tools which include everything you need to create a variety of fun cake designs with great ease and speed. The baking kit comes with an icing pen gun, gun nozzle converter/connector, reusable piping bag, and 4 frosting nozzle types. Allowing you to take your homemade sweets game to the next level of visual aesthetic that would surely stand out from the rest. No worries as the icing gun offers a light, ergonomic body and easy-press frosting release for a much comfortable, maximum control. What’s more? The 4 nozzles can smoothly and neatly deliver a variety of eye-catching designs like swirls, ruffled icings, festive linings, and such. 

This cake decorating tool set can be used effectively for different icing or frosting types without causing unwanted blockage. Perfect for whipping up effortless, mouth-watering designs for cupcakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, fondant cakes, cookies, brownies, shakes, frappuccinos, and more. All included tools adopt a non-stick quality which allows them to be deeply clean after each use by simply hand washing or dishwashing. Making it an excellent sweet decorating set for beginners, DIYers, cake enthusiasts, professional baker, patisserie, and so on. Made of high-grade, BPA-free materials that boasts to withstand multiple years of cake decorating without wearing-off. 

Create an effortless, festive frosting style for that extra crunch of visual appeal using this  cake decorating tool set! 


  • Perfect Cake Decorating Set
    A complete baking tools set that are expertly-constructed to provide an effortless decorating performance for your baked goods and helps get the job done in no time. The kit comes with a decorating icing pen gun, gun nozzle converter/connector, reusable piping bag, and 4 frosting nozzle types. Each 4 frosting tips offers different designs which allows you to create mouth-watering icing swirls, flowers, shapes, ruffled icing, and other possible decorations with ease. Making it the best baking kit assistant for sprinkling your sweets to the next level that will surely whip a smile and amazement on anyone. 

  • Ergonomic Design
    This cake decorating set ensures that all items supply maximum functionality and efficiency while still delivering overall high-comfort experience. The piping pen gun adopts a lightweight design and non-slip, ergonomic body that can be securely gripped on even with wet or sweaty hands for better maneuverability. It also supports an easy-press feature that releases the frosting nicely with extreme precision control as you decorate. Furthermore, this piping gun can be even operated one-handedly with no issues. The included icing nozzles guarantee that they can smoothly let out the sweet, creamy glaze mess-free and directly on to the area that you want to garnish. They even promote a tight hold so you can freely fill layer cakes, create swirls, and decorate without the worries of the nozzle falling off from the gun. Lastly, all tools can be easily and quickly attached or detached anytime!       

  • Widely-Used Tools
    The piping pen and nozzle set can accommodate a variety of icing or frosting types without causing clogs or blockage during release. Suitable for swiss meringue buttercream, cream cheese frosting, whipped cream, french buttercream, egg yolk icing, chocolate frosting, and more possibilities. An ultimate baking tool set for dressing up your sweet treats and dessert that promises to feast everyone's eyes! Great for decorating cupcakes, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, themed cakes, fondant cakes, cookies, brownies, shakes, frappuccinos, and so much more.     

  • Easy to Clean and Store
    This baking decorating tool set offers a non-stick quality that allows them to effectively resist stubborn residue adherence. All items included can be easily and deeply cleaned by hand washed or using a dishwasher. Eliminating the risk of harmful dirt, bacteria, and odor accumulation that might transfer on the food. The professional cake decorating tools have an ideally compact design that can be stashed inside your kitchen drawers, cupboards, cabinets or even countertops. Preventing them from taking up too much space and causing obstruction.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade PE, PP, and ABS plastic material that strikes an excellent functionality and durability. All included products can hold out against several years of cake decorating and washes without damaging and rusting. The baking tool decorating set is also BPA-free and can be used regularly and come into direct contact with any food products without toxic leaching.


    • Material: Food-Grade Plastic


    • 1 x Cithway™ Cake Decorating Piping Pen Tool and Nozzle Set

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