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Cithway™ Cute Cat Costume Hat

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🐾 🐱 Let your furry friend strut around and easily steal the show with this fun animal-style headgear accessory! 🐈🐱

An eye-catching, whimsy animal-themed pet head accessory that can surely make your furry friend the most stylish and extra adorable. Available in a variety of design selections, including ferocious lion mane, green frog, brown bear, pink bear, white polar bear, panda, and cute fluffy bunny ears. The perfect addition to style up your furry babies at-home, photoshoots, costume party, festivity, halloween, park, and more. No worries as each headgear comes in sizes small, medium, and large to meet your furry friends snug-fitting

This fun animal-style pet headgear is super light in the head and it supports a soft, cozy fabric that wraps in a nice hold without harming. What’s more? It supports a secured, non-slip hold that can stay unbudging on your pet’s head even as they run, play, shake, and move around. No worries as all hat design also ensures that they can hug the head without painful squeezing, stiffness or causing movement restriction. Made with premium, skin-friendly fabric that boasts to withstand years of usage and washes without wearing-off. 

🐾 🐱 Easily turn your puppers and tabby into a cute roaring lion or even fluffy bunny with this funny animal-style headgear accessory! 🐈🐱


  • Perfect Pet Costume

A meticulously woven playful animal-themed pet head accessory that would surely make your precious tabby friend stand out and put a smile on everyone’s face! Making it the perfect, whimsy animal cosplay for pets that takes their cuteness overload. 

  • All Day Long Comfort Wearing
    This adorable pet headgear adopts a super-soft and extra cozy fabric quality that hugs around the head of your furry friend lovingly in a snug fit. It does not contain any sharp or rough materials which allow all designs to be confidently worn on without harming and causing irritation for your pet. A great addition to step up your pet’s cuteness no matter the season is!     

  • Perfect For All Breeds
    The funny animal-style head accessory offers a secured, figure-hugging fit that is not too tight to cause painful squeezing and discomfort or too loose to slip off. 

  • Non-Slip Design
    This lovely pet headgear supports an easy-slip-and-out feature that you can put on and take off your cute companion anytime. All animal design can comfortably wrap around your pet’s neck and head while ensuring a secured, excellent gripping effect. It can be put on and left even when they sleep or as they eat food and chew treats with no issues. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of the highest-grade, pet-friendly soft fabric material that is exquisitely woven into an eye-catching and extra adorable animal-style headgear. It supplies an amazing snug-fitting and durability that promises to last countless years of usage and washes without discoloration, linting, tearing, and other damages. 


    • Style: Lion, Frog, Brown Bare, Pink Bare, White Bare, Panda, Bunny

    • Size Chart: 


    • 1 x Cithway™ Cute Cat Costume Hat

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