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Professional Sports Cooling Towel

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Professional Sports Cooling Towel

Let yourself cool down in the heat of the sun or during and after an intense workout with this professional sports cooling towel! 

This cooling towel has an advanced evaporative process that efficiently draws sweat away and promotes an instant refreshing chill. Featuring a smart water-activated design that enables it to start cooling simply by soaking it and wringing to remove excess liquids. Making it an ideal helper to regulate body heat and significantly boost endurance during summery days and sweaty activities. Suitable when you're running, cycling, workouts, sports, yoga, dancing, or for subsiding heat stroke, headaches, fever, inflammations, and such.

The cooling towel supplies an impressive sweat-absorption that effectively soaks up moisture and sweat to keep you fresh. It offers a prolonged chilling effect without any type of leaching to maintain your clothing completely dry. This professional sports towel is also fast-drying so you can quickly store it into your bags without dampening your essentials. What’s more? It is perfectly light and can be hung around the neck or be used as a cooling bandana, scarf, or headband without getting in the way. Made with premium fabric material that can safely and durably withstand years of wear and tear. 

Beat the heat this summer months using this professional sports cooling towel!


  • Instant Cooling Effect
    A water-activated cooling towel that is specially designed to give you an ultimate cool relief and comfort even on the hottest of days and toughest of activity. It offers a hyper-evaporative fabric that successfully draws sweat away and magically chills in an instant just by soaking it in water. Providing you the quickest and easiest solution to cool down and lower your body heat temperature especially in the scorching summer months. This towel can provide you a refreshing chill for up to multiple hours and reactivate it by simply soaking it again and wringing it to remove excess water.   

  • Innovative Design
    This high-performance ice towel adopts an excellent sweat-absorption that can continuously soak up moisture and perspiration. Allowing you to perfectly refresh and regulate a prolonged cooling effect unlike with other products. No worries as this sports cooling towel also air dries fast and it can hold up big amounts of water without leaching. Preventing the towel from dripping liquids and dampening your clothes and skin even when it's wet.    

  • Super Lightweight and Comfortable
    The sports cooling towel is impressively lightweight even when it's damped and it is also low-profile to prevent it from creating obstruction. It can be freely used around the neck, a cooling bandana, scarf, headband, and such without getting in the way as you do your activity. Moreover, this ice towel is ideally breathable and soft-to-touch so you can confidently wipe it on your skin without harming. Preventing you from experiencing redness, scratching, itchiness, soreness, and other discomfort. You can neatly fold it into compact size and stash it into any bag without taking up space!   

  • Widely-Used Ice Towel
    This athlete engineered towel can regulate body temperature and significantly boost endurance levels at its best even on hotter days. Ideal for when you're running, cycling, workouts, golfing, sports, yoga, dancing, and other physical activities. You can even use this cooling towel for preventing heat stroke while on vacation, or for easing up headaches, fever, hot flashes, and cold therapy for inflammation or post surgery. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, high-density cooling polyester fiber material with an intense super absorption and quick-drying performance. It also boasts an exceptional durability that enables it to withstand years of usage without wearing or tearing. No worries as this cooling towel does not contain any toxic chemicals to ensure the user’s 100% safety and health at all times. 


  • Color: Yellow / Pink / Red/ Brown / Orange / Green /Blue / Black/ Grey / Rose Red / Purple / Light Blue

  • Size: 30cm x 90cm (12" x 35")


  • 1 x Professional Sports Cooling Towel

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