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Aexzr™ Contact Lens Wearing Eyelids Tweezer

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Take the struggle and stress away from wearing your contact lenses with this eyelid spreader lens-wearing Eyelids Tweezer!

This lens-wearing tweezer offers an excellent solution to hold the eyes open still without the worries of accidental poking and injuries. Allowing you to effectively wear and remove contact lenses much easier, quicker, and overall safer anytime you need. What’s more? It works by gently and securely spreading the upper and lower lids without directly touching them to ensure better hygiene. Preventing any sort of eye infection, irritation, discomfort, and such that you might possibly be caught when using your hands. A great helper for beginners and those who always wear fashion or prescription eye lenses.

The eyelid spreader tool is super lightweight and it supports a non-slip, ergonomically designed finger-ring handle. Providing you secured gripping and maximum control without sacrificing your comfort. This lens-wearing  tweezer offers an ultra-smooth wide-angle eye curve that can fit and work effectively on different eye shapes. Moreover, it is also portably sized so you can neatly stash it to your bags or kit without taking up space. Perfect whether you're at-home or out on travels, business-trips, vacation, parties, photoshoots, and such. Made with premium, durable materials that guarantees you long-term usage without breaking or rusting.  

Make lens insertion and removal super easy using this eyelid spreader lens-wearing support tweezer!


  • Convenient Eye Opening Tweezer
    A clever eye support tool constructed expertly in a unique scissor-like shape which allows you to effortlessly spread your upper and lower lids. Providing you a much easier, quicker, and overall safer solution to put on and remove contact lenses at all times. No worries as it does not have any sharp or harmful materials to ensure that it can be used without poking or accidentally injuring the eyes and skin. Moreover, this eyelid clip is strong enough to stably open out the eyes to effectively resist forced closure when wearing contacts. 

  • Excellent Hygienic Solution
    This eyelid  tweezer is completely clean and it does not contain any toxic chemicals that might leach out. Furthermore, it serves as a hygienic way so you can spread open your eyelids and stay still without the need to directly touch them by hand. Eliminating the risk of bacterias, germs, and other unwanted irritants to enter and aggravate the eyes. Making it a great helper for those who always wear fashion or prescription eye lenses especially for beginners.

  • Ergonomic Design
    The lens-wearing support device is ideally light in the hands and it promotes excellent non-slip qualities. Delivering you with a secured gripping and much better maximum maneuverability even for those with sweaty palms. Additionally, it adopts finger rings on the handle so you can smoothly clasp your thumb and forefinger and use it with optimum comfort experience. This spreader clip has an ultra-smooth design and convenient, wide-angle eye curve area that can fit different eye shapes and those with swollen eyes and monolids.

  • Highly Portable
    This handy eyelid spreader tool is perfectly slim and compact to be carried around with no issues. You can neatly store it inside pouches, bags, kits, and such while saving up more space for your other essentials. Allowing you to effortlessly put on or remove your contact lenses anytime, anywhere you are. Suitable even when you're at-home or out on travels, business-trips, vacation, parties, photoshoots, and more possibilities. This lens-wearing  tweezer can be even used as a helper when you're applying eye makeup or false eyelashes to keep your eyes from constantly blinking.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic plastic and silicone materials which boasts an amazing durability. It can hold out against multiple drops and years of usage without breaking or contaminating rust and molds. This eyelid spreader does not emit any funky odors and can safely come into direct contact with the skin without irritations and discomfort.  
  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 

  • 1 x AEXZR Contact Lens Wearing Eyelids Tweezer

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