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Cithway™ Easy-roll Garlic Peeler (Random color)

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Say goodbye to the strong garlic odor on your hands every after peeling with this Easy-roll Garlic Peeler!

A garlic peeler designed with high-quality inner rubber bumps that can completely peel off stubborn garlic skin in just a simple roll. Furthermore, it can handle any size of clove and efficiently peels multiple pieces at once without crushing. Making every meal prep a breeze and your hands ultimately clean and free from the pungent garlic smell that stays for long! Simply put the cloves that you need inside the roller, roll it back and forth on any flat surface to remove the skin, and you're done. No worries as this garlic peeler does not contain any sharp materials to ensure that you can peel anytime without hand fatigue and injuries. 

This quick-peeling garlic peeler supports a non-slip, ergonomic gripping for a much better and comfortable rolling control at all times. It is also thickened enough to prevent the powerful odor from transferring on your hands and the cooking area as you peel. The garlic skin remover adopts superior non-sticking qualities that can be deeply and easily clean by hand washing and dishwashing. It even dries quickly after each wash to avoid unwanted bacterial buildups and can be stored conveniently without taking up space. Made with premium, food-grade silicone that promises a long-term usage without wearing-off and toxic leaching.       

Take the hassle out of peeling garlic and use this garlic peeler!


  • Easy-Roll Garlic Peeling
    A handy kitchen tool featuring a cylindrical shape silicone covered with high-quality inner rubber round bumps that can peel off garlic skin in just a simple rolling motion. Allowing you to make meal prep a total breeze and take the tedious, painstaking process of removing stubborn, thin garlic skin from the cloves by hand. Simply put the garlic cloves that you need inside the silicone tube, roll it back and forth to any flat surface to peel off the skin, take the peeled cloves out from the tube, and done. No need to directly touch the garlic anymore with each peel only to leave unwanted skins in your nails and their pungent smell. 

  • Ergonomically Design
    This garlic roll peeler is lightweight and is expertly made with non-slip design for a better secured gripping and optimal maneuverability. It has an excellent textured inner surface that provides more friction for a much effortless and speedy peeling effect. Moreover, the silicone is also thickened enough to keep the strong garlic odor from transferring through your hands and the cooking area as you roll. It even adopts a widened opening and roomy interior space that can efficiently peel multiple clove pieces at a time. No worries as this garlic skin remover does not contain any sharp material to ensure that you can confidently roll anytime without hand fatigue and any harm. Lastly, it can freely roll and peel your favorite meal spices without crushing them unlike with other products.  

  • Effortless Cleaning
    The clever garlic peeling silicone supplies impressive non-sticking qualities that prevent the skin from adhering stubbornly through the tube. Additionally, it does not also retain nasty food odors behind even to your cooking area which makes clean up even more easier. This garlic peeler can be cleaned after each use by hand washing or dishwashing. It even dries quickly to avoid harmful bacterial growth and can be stored neatly inside your kitchen drawers, cabinets, and such without taking up space. 

  • Perfect Gift Idea
    This quick-peeling garlic peeler would make a practical present that can be appreciated and used for years to come each time they cook. A great helper for mothers, grandmothers, beginners, professional chefs, students, lovers, friends, and so on. It is suitable to be given on a regular day or even on special occasions such as christmas, party gift stiffer, house blessing, thanksgiving, and more possibilities.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, food-grade and BPA-free silicone material with a superior durability and effortless garlic peeling performance. It can hold out against several years of daily rolling and garlic skin removal without deformation and wearing-off. This garlic peeler roller does not cause leaching so it can come into direct contact with any food products while ensuring overall safety and health. 
  • Material: Food-grade silicone
  • Color: Random
  • Size: 

  • 1 x Cithway ™ Easy-roll Garlic Peeler

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