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Aexzr™ Easy-twist Clip Headband

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Make your fit and tresses a little less boring and step up to the next glam level with this hair-styling twist clip headband!

A clever headband designed with 8 in-built twist clips that can easily lock the hair stylishly backwards. It also allows you to freely use any number of clips and create beautifully styled up tresses with just a simple clipping. What’s more? This hair-styling headband can even work as an excellent accessory for neatly taking pesky strands away from poking the eyes and face. No worries as it has a nice, simplistic touch that can stylishly complement every type of outfits and occasion. Suitable parties, dates, malling, travels, weddings, picnics, strolling, exercising, yoga, reading, at school, everyday wear and so much more. 

This hair-styling clip headband is super light in the head and can be worn all throughout the day without experiencing discomfort or headaches. It features a convex teeth which allows the headband to glide painlessly smoothly and stay securely in place even with each move. The twist clip hair band does not also cause hair breakage, split ends, and other damages that lead to hair fall. It works well on any hair types, volumes, and those with short hair length, medium hair length, and long hair lengths. Made with durable materials that boasts to last up for multiple years without breaking, deforming, discoloration, and rusting. 

Keep your hair off your face and dazzle it up in a breeze using this hair-styling twist clip headband!


  • Easy-Twist Clip Headband
    A unique hair band accessory that comes with 8 in-built twist clips which you can use for locking your tresses neatly backwards with great ease and speed. Additionally, you can use any number of clips depending on your fancy and create gorgeously styled up or braided hairstyles with the headband worn on. This hair beauty accessory can be even used for taking pesky strands and baby hair away from sticking the face or poking annoyingly to the eyes. Making it a great every-day fashionable accessory for at-home use or when you go out.

  • High-Comfort Wearing 
    Conveniently lightweight and it sits nicely on the head without causing tight squeezing and headache. It has a smart convex teeth design which slides smoothly on the scalp and strands when worn. Allowing it to stay securely in one place even as you move excessively around with no scratching or pain. No worries as the headband does not also affect any harmful damages to the locks that might lead to breakage, split ends, and worse fallouts. The perfect stylish hair accessory that can step up your hair and be worn all day long with maximum comfort experience.   

  • Multi-Scene Use
    Offers a lovely, simplistic style that can complement a plethora of OOTDs. Moreover, it can effortlessly level up your hairstyle in a second that would bound to turn heads in a crowd anywhere you are. Suitable for everyday wear or special occasions like parties, dates, malling, travels, weddings, picnics, strolling, exercising, yoga, reading, at school, and more possibilities. This hair-styling headband is applicable for different hair textures and volume of all lengths, including short, medium, and longer locks.   

  • Quick and Easy Wearing
    Can style up your tresses in no time without any complicated steps! Simply brush the hair first to remove entanglement, place the headband on, take a small section of hair, put back and clip it on to lock, repeat, and you're done! A great thoughtful present to give for your friends, sisters, girlfriend, wife, daughter, and other ladies.
  • Premium Quality 
    Made with high-quality, hair-friendly ABS plastic and resin materials with an excellent toughness and hair styling capabilities. It promises to last up for several years of everyday usage or accidental drops without easily breaking, deforming, discoloration, and rusting. Available in brown and black color selections which can flatter different hair tones.  


  • Material: PP plastic
  • Color: Black / Brown


  • 1 x Easy-twist Clip Headband

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