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Cithway™ Tangle-free Perfect Hair Brush Set (3PCS)

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Take all stubborn knots from any hair type with this hair massaging comb set!

An ultimate hair must-have set that comes in 3 comb types, including curved shape comb, air-cushion brush, and a roller comb. All comb styles supply an excellent detangling prowess that helps for keeping your tresses looking perfectly smooth and maintained. They also provide different usage that can work for speeding up the blow drying process, styling, defining curls, and enhancing hair volume. Moreover, each brush offers flexible, round tipped bristles that glide smoothly along the scalp and hair strand. Allowing them easily and painlessly get knots out while also delivering a gentle massaging effect. Thus, promoting your tresses a boost in growth, natural shine, and improving strand strength, resilience, and overall health as you brush. 

These hair detangling-massaging combs are all gentle yet powerful enough to tackle even the toughest of knots and thickest, textured locks. Suitable for straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, and coiled hair of different lengths and volumes. All 3 combs do not also create friction and can lovingly pass through strands without hair breakage, fall outs, painful pulling, and causing frizz. What’s more? They adopt non-slip, ergonomically designed handles for better, secured gripping and optimal maneuverability. They can also stand stably on any flat surface or be hung on walls for a space-saving, convenient storing. Made with premium, durable materials that can withstand years of usage! 

Keep the frizz and tangles at bay in just a brush of this hair massaging comb set!


  • Excellent Hair Brushing
    A 3 piece set of hair comb featuring a curved shape comb, air-cushion brush, and a roller comb that all have great detangling qualities to keep your locks from being unruly. The curved comb comes with a lengthened bristles and is expertly designed to fit perfectly to the curvature of the scalp for a much better and comfortable brushing. On the other hand, the air-cushion type provides a good rebound that lets you simultaneously brush while delivering a nice massage effect. Moreover, it also supports excellent air circulation and absorbing the force as you comb out stubborn knots. Lastly, the roller comb serves well to speed up the blow drying process and for styling curls to give off natural volume and bounce. Making it the best hair arsenal set for a tangle-free, salon-treated hair appearance everyday with just a simple brushing!    

  • Perfect For All Hair
    Specially constructed to tackle even the toughest of knots and thickest, curliest locks without issues. All combs support a well-spaced flexible, round tipped bristles that glides smoothly and gently along the scalp and each hair strand. Allowing you to confidently brush regularly without the worries of hair breakage, split ends, fall outs, and painful pulling even for dry or wet tresses. Perfect for straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, and coiled hair of different lengths and volumes. What’s more? Each combs promote remarkable massaging performance as you brush which helps in stimulating that scalp’s blood circulation. Thus, promoting a boost in growth, natural shine, and improving strand strength, resilience, and overall health.    

  • Ergonomic Design
    All ideally light in the hand and they offer lengthened, non-slip handles. Providing you a secured, comfortable gripping and maximum maneuverability at all times even for those with wet or sweaty palms. They have hair-loving gentle bristles that are still strong enough to withstand textured hair and stubborn knots without damaging or snapping. Moreover, they pass through strands without causing friction to prevent unwanted frizzy hair. No worries as each combs also supplies superior heat-resistance which allows them to be used even while blow drying or styling your locks without deformation or burning.  

  • Easy to Store
    These high-performance hair brushes have a hanging hole at the end of the handle for a much convenient storing. They can also stand stably alone on any flat surface for displaying and a much easier retrieval anytime. All combs are also compact in size and can be neatly tote in without taking up too much space. Perfect for keeping your tresses untangled and in style anytime, anywhere you are such as vacation, office, date, hotels, dormitories, and more.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of the highest-quality, hair-friendly ABS plastic materials with an amazing durability and rust-resistance. All 3 combs promise to help you detangle and enhance hair appearance for several years without damaging. These hair brushes do not also contain any sharp design to ensure that they can be held and used while ensuring overall safety and hair health. This comb set is available in 3 color selections, including pink, gray, and green!  


  • Material: Rubber, ABS
  • Size: 75x241mm(Air Cushion brush); 45x220mm(Round brush); 76x249mm(Vented brush)
  • Color: Pink / Blue / Mint


  • 1 x Air Cushion Detangle Hair Brush
  • 1 x Vented Hair Brush
  • 1 x Round Hair Brush

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