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Cithway™ Heatless Curly Hair Roller Kit

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Fancy your hair with a supermodel-esque curled style without the heat damage using this heatless hair roller waves kit! 

A hair beauty styling kit with 18 roller waves and a sturdy rod hook that successfully curls the tresses without the nasty heating process. Providing you that stunning and healthy-looking, bouncy mermaid-wave style overnight while keeping the hair healthy. Eliminating heat damages including fallouts, dullness, drying, and frizziness that leads to weaker, less elastic tresses. Each roller waves are super soft to ensure that they’ll hug the hair with care and without the unwanted snagging or scalp pulling. They are also comfortable to sleep in and they won’t slip out even after multiple tosses and turn to achieve that splendid heatless curly results. 

This non-heat hair curler kit can transform all hair types of any length and volume into a defined gorgeously curled style. Moreover, the 18 roller waves allows you to use as many as you need to curl depending on your hair types requirement. Simply insert the styling rod first through the roller, section your damp hair, hook the tresses then pull down inside the roller wave. Repeat until all hair sections are covered, then wait for it to dry overnight or at least 8-10 minutes to curl. Made with premium quality materials that can make the best heatless curl for a long time without damaging.  

Maintain gorgeously healthy locks while still flaunting your salon-like curled styled hair with this heatless hair roller waves kit! 


  • Damage-Free Heatless Hair Curls
    A pack of professional-grade hair curling tools that comes with 18 pieces roller waves and a single toughen styling rod hook. This kit enables you to create the best voluminous and bouncy mermaid-wave like hair style overnight without the harming curling irons and standard heating process. Preventing your locks from unwanted heat damages, including fallouts, dullness, drying, and frizziness which eventually leads to weaker, less elastic tresses. The 18 piece roller waves enables you to use as many as you need to make your desired healthy-looking magic curls or waves depending on your hair type and need.

  • Highly Comfortable
    This heatless curler kit offers pliable, yet sturdy roller waves that embraces each strand lovingly and with extra care. All 18 curler rollers do not create snagging or pull the scalp to ensure that not a single hair would get damaged and fallout during and after the curling process. These roller waves are also super soft to make them much easier and comfortable to sleep in overnight. Additionally, they do not slip out even as you toss and turn around during your snooze to guarantee you with flattering curly results that everyone would envy. No worries as the styling rod can also hold the tresses through the rollers without creating damages. 

  • Easy Non-Heat Curling
    The heat-free curling tools can turn your dull-looking locks into stunning salon-like waves in no time without the complicated methods! Simply keep your hair slightly damp after a shower, slide the rod inside the roller wave, take a section of your locks, then hook your hair with the rod, and gently pull down to slide them through the roller wave. After that, just repeat until all the hair is prep, and you can now wake up the next morning with beautifully curled locks once the rollers are removed. This heatless curling kit can be also used in the morning and you just need to wait for your tresses to curl for only 8-10 minutes until completely dry.

  • Perfect For All Hair
    These non-damaging hair curling roller waves are versatile enough to work effectively and gently on all hair types of any length. Suitable for those with short hair length, medium hair length, and longer hair length of all volumes. You can try it on for those with bland, non-styled tresses, straight hair, and undefined curls. Making it the perfect helper for beginners, professionals, DIYers, salons, hair stylists, and such.   

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, hair-friendly plastic materials that boasts to create that gorgeously defined beachy waves without the damaging heat! All curling tools included in the kit can be used daily while still keeping your tresses healthy and strong. Furthermore, these roller waves and styling rod supports an impressive durability that can withstand years of hair curling without easily breaking. 
  • Material: Plastic, Resin


  • 9 x Short curlers
  • 9 x Long curlers
  • 2 x Rods with hook

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