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Aexzr™ Wearable Press-On Nail Stickers

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Let your nails stay on-trend and have a hassle-free mani at the comfort of your own home using these press-on nail stickers!

The perfect 24 piece set of stick-and-go artificial acrylic manicures that can seamlessly cover and go over your natural fingernails. Available in a wide range of gorgeously looking design selections that look so natural and straight out of a high-end salon. Furthermore, these press-on nails come in several different sizes so you can find your perfect fit for each of your nails. Allowing you to simply prep your nails and swiftly stick the right size without having to do any extra filing and troubles of styling of your own. Making it the best go-to wearable nail set that can instantly turn your bare nails into stunning manicures that everyone would envy.     

These wearable nail stickers offer trendy designs that can guarantee to flatter all fingers and skin-tones. You can also rock them for everyday wear, parties, weddings, anniversaries, concerts, birthdays, proms, galas, dates, and other special occasions. No worries as the press-on nails adopt a special thickness and durability that can stay flawlessly for a week or so with no damages. They also boast water-resistancy so you can still wash hands, shower, and such without them fading, chipping, and losing hold. What’s more? The press-on nails are light and can stick seamlessly up to the edge of your manicure without poking for maximum comfort and safety. 

Say no more to pricey manicures and lengthy appointments with these wearable press-on nail stickers!


  • Easy Press-On Nails
    A 24 piece pack of ready-to-stick artificial acrylic manicures that are specially crafted to easily go over your natural fingernails. Each false nail adopts a realistic, high-quality design and shape that can seamlessly blend and cover your real ones without looking awkwardly out of place. Allowing you to effortlessly wrap your dull, bare nails with a gorgeous, salon-quality manicure in no time. No worries as the press-on nail set comes in different sizes to fit each of your fingernails. Simply prep and clean your nails first, put the jelly glue, choose a suitable nail size, then press the false nail on top of your natural ones to stick. After that, repeat it to the other nails, wait for a few seconds for them to adhere firmly, and done. Suitable for every lady, especially those always on a time-crunch, DIYers, beginners, professional nail artist, salon, nail art enthusiasts, and such.       

  • Variety of Stunning Designs
    These press-on nails boast various designs and nail shape selections that guarantee to flatter all fingers and skin-tones. Available in 23 styles, including love checkered style, lovely pink heart, dreamy pearl and butterfly, oolong milk green color, gradient blue, and so much more. Providing you a variety of options whether you're going for a sophisticated look, charming touch, dramatic look, spring-time hues, adorably sweet, and such. No need to run to professional nail artists anymore to have that effortless, gorgeously-looking nails. Perfect for everyday wear, parties, weddings, anniversaries, concerts, birthdays, proms, galas, dates, and other special occasions. We also offer a jelly glue kit so you can apply the false nails without the need to go to another store!

  • Long-Lasting Performance
    Ensure a long-wearing staying power that can last for a week or more without losing adherence. Each false nail also supplies enough thickness and toughness to hold well to our natural manicure without chipping, cracking, and breaking. They also provide excellent waterproof qualities that can successfully resist water exposure for when you're washing dishes, cleansing, shower, brushing teeth, swimming, and more. Preventing the nails from fading, discoloration, and ruining their designs unlike with other products.   

  • Comfortable to Wear
    Ideally lightweight in the hands that you won’t even feel that you're wearing them on. They can also sit lovingly on top of your natural nails and cover seamlessly up to the edge without that painful poking. It enables you to freely do your regular task with maximum wearing comfort experience. These nails also prompt an easy, damaged-free removal by gently lifting nails from the side. Great when you want to constantly switch up styles and color depending on your mood!

  • Premium Quality
    Made with the highest-grade, nail-friendly materials that supplies stunning, modernized designs and natural looking finish that can make any hands even more alluring. These press-on nails have an amazing durability that can hold out against the wearer’s daily tasks and exposure to liquids without wearing-off. The false nails are completely non-toxic and they can be safely worn even for a prolonged period. Eliminating you from the risk of causing harm to your natural nails like drying, brittleness, and such. Lastly, all 23 piece sets come in a nice, compact packaging that can be neatly tote in without taking up much space! 


  • Style: #1 Latte, #2 Brown Sparkle, #3 Caramel, #4 Heart Star, #5 French Elegance, #6 Nude Pink Marble, #7 Pink Check, #8 Pure Heart, #9 Chestnut, #10 Nude Line, #11 Sweet Heart, #12 Baby Cloud, #13 Sheer Galaxy, #14 Gold Brown, #15 Dark Butterfly, #16 Mono Ink, #17 Vintage Cafe, #18 Alice in Wonderland, #19 Strawberry Bear, #20 Cherry, #21 Midnight, #22 Matcha Frozen, #23 Silver Butterfly
  • Size: One size fits all (include 24 nail tips in different sizes)


  • 1 x Press-on Nail Stickers
  • 1 x Nail Jelly Gel Tool Set

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