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Multi-Purpose Dishwash Brush Cleaning Gloves

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Keep every dirt at bay with just a move of your hands using these multi-purpose magic cleaning scrubber gloves!

These revolutionary gloves feature upgraded silicone bristles that can effectively scrub off even the toughest of build-up in an instance. Allowing your hands to transform into an all-purpose cleaning tool that can leave every surface, and hard to reach areas perfectly pristine. Great for removing dirts, grimes, cloth stains, dust, food residues, cooked-on scraps, and such. These scrubber gloves boast an excellent durability that can tackle different tasks and clean on any shape of surface efficiently and effectively. Suitable for cleaning stove, dishes, toilet bowls, sinks, fruits, veggies, walls, floors, clothes, cars, pets, and more possibilities. 

The multipurpose scrubber gloves supply high-elasticity to fit nicely to men and women’s hand sizes without slipping off or causing discomfort. These cleaning tools also promote optimal protection to keep the hands clean and safe at all times during any tasks. Moreover, the gloves have an amazing heat resistance that can be used for holding hot pans or even taking out eggs from boiling water. These cleaning scrubbers can be easily washed off each use and are 100% non-porous which make them perfectly resistant to bacterial buildup. Made with high-grade silicone that can withstand daily heavy usage without deforming, rusting, and other damages.     

Easily fight off grimes and dirt using these multi-purpose magic cleaning scrubber gloves!


  • Magic Scrubber Gloves
    A nice pair of high-performance cleaning gloves that’s covered with tough, silicone bristles on the whole palm and finger areas. Allowing it to easily eliminate all stubborn year-long build-ups or fresh stains in a breeze with just a scrubbing motion. Delivering you a spotless, squeaky clean finish that would make your appliances, items, and different surfaces looking brand-new. The gloves can even clean through every nook and crannies that brushes and regular scrubbers can’t reach. Great for removing dirts, grimes, cloth stains, dust, food residues, cooked-on scraps, and more possibilities. Making it an excellent helper for different home cleaning and scrubbing needs. Simply wear the gloves on both hands, pour in your cleaning liquid or bar, scrub back and forth to deeply clean, rinse and you're done. 

  • Wide Application
    These magic cleaning gloves are durable enough to tackle a variety of scrubbing tasks. Suitable for cleaning stove tops, dishes, toilet bowls, sinks, scrubbing dirt from fruits or veggies, scrubbing walls and floors, scrubbing clothes, cleaning cars, cleaning pets like dogs or cats, and so much more. No worries as this pair of silicone gloves can thoroughly be scrubbed on to different surface types while remaining overly gentle and safer. Eliminating the risk of leaving damages, scratches, and other unwanted permanent marks behind unlike with other product cleaners.

  • Ergonomic Design
    The multifunctional scrubbing gloves promote amazing non-slip qualities and elasticity that can fit perfectly for both men and women’s hands of different sizes. Preventing it from being too tight to cause painful pinching and movement restrictions or too loose to slip off each time you scrub. Moreover, these scrubbers offer exceptional thickness for that maximum protection performance. It enables you to confidently scrub and clean while keeping the hands clean from directly touching the dirt and safe from powerful detergents and surfaces. They are also light on the hands to ensure that they can be worn and used easily with no discomfort.   

  • Excellent Heat Resistant
    These high-performance scrubber gloves adopt remarkable high-temperature resistance qualities. It can successfully hold out against extreme heat without deformation, melting, cracking, and other damages. You can use the gloves for protection when holding in hot pans and pots or also for taking out eggs on freshly boiled water! These scrubber gloves can even easily and deeply clean it with soap and boiling water to completely terminate all bacterias, germs, and odors. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made high-quality, non-toxic silicone materials that strikes a stellar durability, toughness, and optimal cleaning capabilities. It can hold out against everyday heavy usage and last for a very long time without damaging or wearing-off. These cleaning scrubber gloves are completely non-porous which prevent them from causing bacterial build-ups and making them more hygienic than other products. This pair does not also leach harmful chemicals to ensure overall safety and health. What’s more? The gloves are quick-drying so you can wash them after and hang without the long waiting anymore.  

  • Material: Silicone
  • 1 x Multi-Purpose Dishwash Brush Cleaning Gloves

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