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Open-top Ribbon Bucket Hat

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👒Have a stylish and effective way to shield yourself from the scorching sun glare as you have fun outdoors using this summer sun hat!

This summer sun hat offers a stylish widened-brim design that successfully shades the face, ears, neck, and nape with superior UV protection. Allowing you to fully enjoy under the sun without the risk of  sunburns, early skin aging, eye damage, skin spots, migraine, skin cancer, and so on. It features a trendy mesh-like top and strikingly large back ribbon combo that can stylishly go with any outfits, beach wear, or swimsuits. Making it a great fashionable, protective hat during summer escapades, beaching, city tour, road trips, shopping galore, hiking, camping, fishing, and such. Available in trendy color selection, including khaki, black, off-white, ginger yellow, and pink.   

The stylish sun hat is super light on the head so it can be worn all day long with the best comfort experience and protection. It also has an open-top style which allows more air in and to circulate freely to keep you fresh and sweat free even on the blazing hot summer. This fashionable summer hat is completely smooth to touch to ensure that it won’t scratch skin and cause painful hair pulling or snagging. It is highly portable and can be folded into a much smaller size to be neatly tote around without taking up too much space. Made with high-grade fabric that promises a long-term everyday usage and washes without deforming, creasing, and damaging.  

Step out into the sun protected and in style with this UV protective summer sun hat! 👒


  • Maximum Sun Protection
    A stylish summer sun hat that provides optimal protection to block off 97% of the sun's harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays and heat. Featuring a fancy 12cm widened-brim designed to ensure that the overall facial skin and down to the ears, neck, and nape are absolutely shaded. Eliminating you from the risk of sunburns, early aging skin, eye damage, hyperpigmentation, migraine, skin cancer, and other possible harm due to excessive sun exposure. Making it a handy addition to your summer getaways so you can confidently bask under the sun while staying protected without sacrificing style. 

  • Excellent Comfort Wearing
    This fashion headwear piece is ideally light so it can stay atop on the head without weighing you down for that maximum high-comfort experience. It is also deep enough to remain unbudging even as you move excessively or during a strong wind blow. Perfect for when you're on a breezy beach, hiking, speedboat, and so on. The sun hat adopts a mesh-like knitted top and an open-crown design which let’s air circulate through freely at all times. Allowing it to be worn all day long and night even on the hottest of days with your hair sweat-free, fresh, and odorless. No worries as it does not contain any harmful material that will scratch the skin or cause snagging and breakage to your tresses.

  • Highly Fashionable
    The sun protection hat comes in a trendy mesh-like top and strikingly large back ribbon combo. It can surely fashionably complement and even step up your overall beach OOTDs including your swimsuits. Furthermore, it can also go well with almost every environment from your city escapades to seaside fun, road trips, shopping galore, hiking, camping, fishing, and more possibilities. Available in 5 different stunning color selections, including khaki, black, off-white, ginger yellow, and pink.   

  • Portable Design
    This summer fashion sun hat is conveniently light to be carried around anytime, anywhere with great ease. It can also be folded neatly into a much more mini, compact size when not in use. You can store it inside backpacks, shoulder bags, totes, travel backs, duffells, and luggages without taking up too much. No worries as the sun hat does not get deformed or causes wrinkling and creases even after multiple folding and unfolding.    

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly vinyl fabric with a remarkable durability and wear-resistance. It can nicely hold up against everyday usage for several years and summers to come without deforming, discoloration, and damage. This UV protective sun hat can be easily hand washed to be kept clean and free from any bacterial or odor accumulation. Additionally, it can be worn for prolonged periods without causing skin irritations and other discomfort even for those with sensitive skin.
  • Material: Polyester
  • 1 x Open-top Ribbon Bucket Hat

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