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AEXZR™ Pearl Shimmer Double-Ended Eyeshadow Stick

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Swipe on the shimmer for a much impactful eye look only with this double-ended shimmer eyeshadow glam pen!

A dreamy full-on glittery eyeshadow pen combined with a handy sponge head on the other end for a much seamless, mess-free blending. Moreover, it delivers multi-imensional pearlescent specks that sparkle stunningly on any light source and a high-pigmented pop of color. Allowing you to give your eyes a charming, enlarged look and a spice up overall makeup with a head-turning glitter grace in just an easy swipe. Available in 6 trendy colors, including pearl white, sunshine, pearl wooden, pearl brown, champagne and pearl lips that can flatter different skin tones. Making it a great beauty arsenal for daily wear, party, festival, anniversary wedding, date, concerts, clubbing, and such.    

This shimmer eyeshadow pen adopts a long-lasting staying power that can withstand rain, sweat, tears, sebum, and other liquids. Suitable for an all day and night long wear without smudging, fading, creasing, unwanted transferring, and glitters falling off. The double-ended eyeshadow glam pen offers a blendable and buildable quality that can be layered while remaining light and non-cakey. Perfect for a gorgeous, effortless subtle shimmer or super sparkle eye makeup finish. Made with premium, skin-friendly ingredients that can be safely applied regularly without irritations, itchiness, soreness, and other discomfort. 

Stand up from the crowd and flatter your eyes with the best twinkly accent using this double-ended shimmer eyeshadow glam pen!  


  • 2-in-1 Highlighter Pen
    An ultimate eyeshadow glam featuring a nice dual-ended style that comes with a gorgeous glitter packed pen head and a convenient sponge blender on the other end. This beauty eye makeup stick adopts a nice, multi-dimensional pearlescent specks and high-pigmented blend that colors beautifully across the lids. The eyeshadow’s shimmery effect even winks majestically in different light sources and at any angle that are sure to make your boring makeups more grand and whimsy. This glam pen even helps to accentuate your eye shape and make it more attractively enlarged. Additionally, it supports a soft and creamy textured finish that can be effortlessly swipe along the skin totally mess-free and fall-out free. 

  • Long-Lasting Shimmer Effect
    This premium eyeshadow glam pen supplies the perfect blend of silky, creaminess and powerful staying power performance. Allowing it to effectively dust your eyelids with a pop of eye-catching color and that special sparkly touch that you can confidently rock all day long and night. The glitter eyeshadow also boasts amazing waterproof qualities that can withstand rain, sweat, tears, sebum, and liquid splashes. Saving you from the worries of ugly smudging, fading, sparkle fallen off, creasing, unwanted transferring, and such. Making it an ideal eye makeup that can remain sparkly even on the sweatiest of days, humid weather or rainy season! 

  • Multiple Stylish Shades
    The double-ended eyeshadow glitter pen comes in different trendy shimmery shade selections that can flatter any skin complexion and eye shape. Available in pearl white, sunshine, pearl wooden, pearl brown, champagne and pearl lips. All hues are highly blendable and buildable to be applied in the upper or lower eyelids to your desired layers. Preventing it from creasing or looking cakey and awkwardly thick without the need for melting it with setting spray anymore! Perfect for a simple glitzy makeup or a bold, full-on eye glam for everyday wear, parties, proms, festivities, date night, weddings, anniversaries, concerts, clubbing, and so on. 

  • One-Swipe Glimmer Application
    This stunning shimmer eye makeup pen offers a lightweight design with a non-slip, ergonomic body that fits snugly in the hands. Providing you a secured, comfortable gripping and maximum maneuverability even for those with sweaty palms. It supports a creamy formulation that sparkles and colors lovingly on the lids in just an easy, single stroke. It can be also blended effortlessly using the sponge applicator to soften the corner or outer line for a more natural sparkly finish. Simply remove the cover, swipe the glitter eyeshadow on the lids to your preferred color thickness, blend it seamlessly using the sponge end, and all done. Great for beginners, makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts, and so on. 

  • Premium All-Natural Formulation
    Formulated with makeup-artist approved, high-quality ingredients that strikes a remarkable pigmented shimmery effect and long-lasting wear. It is 100% hypoallergenic to ensure that it can be applied on any skin-types while staying gentle. What’s more? This eyeshadow is odor-free and can be safely applied near the eyes for regular use without causing irritations, itchiness, soreness, and other discomfort.  

  • Type of skin: All
  • 1 x AEXZR™ Pearl Shimmer Double-Ended Eyeshadow Stick

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