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Aexzr™ Realistic Hair Stroke 4-tip Brow Pen

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Add this fork-tip brow pen for your brow-brooming routine to create hair-like & microblading-effect strokes in seconds!

This innovatively designed brow pen features a unique micro-fork tip that creates a vivid, yet light 4 ultra-fine lines in a single stroke. Making it 100% makeup beginner-friendly - Just stroke in the direction of your natural hair growth, no advanced makeup skill required! With this pen, you can easily create tridimensional effects and natural-looking brows by instantly filling and blending seamlessly with your real hairs. An efficient, quick-morning solution to outline the brows and draw the shortest hairs for the effect of microblading brows WITH JUST A FEW STROKES! 

Furthermore, this beauty cosmetic is intensely-pigmented and delivers extremely long-wear effects up to 16 hours. Powerfully waterproof, smudgeproof and anti-fading. Forget the nagging need to keep looking in the mirror to check the arches! It won’t fade or smudge with sweat, rain, sebum and even when doing various water sports. Saving you from the constant eyebrow re-touching.

The microfilling eyebrow pen supplies a light, easy-to-hold body so it can be used anytime with superior gripping and control. It smoothly glides and paints on the contour of the brows with great precision and ease. Perfect for creating hair-like strokes, thickening your brows, camouflaging any gaps, and adjusting brow shape. Available in 5 different shade selections that can flatter various hair color and skin-tones. 

Use our microblading brow pen’s trident tip to perfectionate your brows now!


  • Microfilling Eyebrow Pen
    A unique microfilling eyebrow pen designed with exquisite 4-pronged soft, yet compact fiber texture nib that creates 4 fine lines in a single stroke. It effortlessly enhances the brows by filling in the gaps with hair-line strokes while blending it seamlessly with your existing ones. Providing you a perfectly defined, realistic brow-like effect finish in an instant.

  • Quick and Easy Application
    Specially constructed with an easy-to-hold body that offers maximum gripping and maneuverability. Moreover, the 4 tip head can be angled and smoothly painted on the contour of the eyebrow with ease. It supplies natural vividness and even strokes along the brows without the need to repeatedly brush to paint. Allowing you to quickly fill in sparse brows or create an on-fleek structured shape anytime with perfect precision. Ideal for beginners, makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts, salon, and so on.   

  • Long-Lasting Performance
    Comes with a long wearing, waterproof formula that makes the best flawless arches without smudging all day and night. It does not easily fade or get spread even with sweat, rain, or doing various water sports. No worries as it can still be removed with ease using makeup remover or oil with no residues left behind.

  • Portable Design
    Extremely lightweight and it is equipped with a dust-proof, easy plug-in cap to avoid mess and drying out. It can neatly stash inside your makeup kits, pouches, and bags without taking up much space. Great when you're on business trips, travels, vacations, hotels, apartments and such.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly ingredients that creates vivid strokes without making too intense lines. The eyebrow pen is also fragrance-free and is available in different shades, including dark brown, light brown, gray and black. Allowing you to play with various makeups and fill in your brow shape that will flatter your hair color and skin-tone. 


  • Net content: 5g
  • Color: #1 Light brown / #2 Dark brown / #3 Reddish brown / #4 Grey brown / #5 Black


  • 1 x Realistic Hair Stroke 4-tip Brow Pen

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