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Ultra-thermal Cashmere Fleece Knee Warmer

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Don’t leave your knees unprotected and cold as the chilly temp starts to creep up and use these thermal cashmere knee pads protectors!

A handy pair of knee sleeves featuring a fuzzy, thickened inner cashmere wool fleece that promotes maximum warming effect and protection. Allowing your knees to stay extra cozy and toasty even as you wear your favorite shorts during the breezy night, chilly autumn or harsh winter! These knee warmers also provide an effective and immediate relief and gentle compression support to boost blood circulation. Thus, they help to prevent stiffness, muscle and joint pain, numbness, and other discomfort even as the temperature starts to drop. The perfect gear for chilling at-home or out for cycling, gym, sports, jogging, walking dogs, gardening, playing, and such.   

The thermal knee pads adopt the finest, soft-to-touch fabric that will leave you super warm, comfortable, and harmless all day long. Moreover, both knee warmers are also lightweight and breathable enough to keep you heated while staying fresh and completely sweat-free. These cashmere knee pads provide a high-elastic band and convenient wrap adhesive band to prevent unwanted slip offs even as you move. No worries as these warmers are 100% skin-friendly so you can wear them without worrying about irritations and other allergic reactions. Made with premium fabrics that promises to hold out against years of usage and washes without damaging. 

Keep your knees toasty even as you wear your favorite shorts with these thermal cashmere knee pads protectors!


  • Excellent Leg & Knee Warmer
    A fine pair of knee sleeves designed with an extra thickened inner cashmere wool fabric from the knee area and serves as an exceptional insulator. Providing great coverage from the lower thigh, whole knee, and down to the shin to naturally keep you stay at a right toasty temperature. Allowing your sensitive knees to feel comfortable and protected as the temperature drops even as you wear your favorite at-home shorts or cycling outfit. Moreover, these knee pads not only let you experience nice warmth, but it also promotes instant relief and gentle compression support to boost blood circulation. Eliminating the risk of stiffness, muscle and joint pain, numbness, and other discomfort due to prolonged exposure to extreme cold.

  • Comfortable to Wear
    Offers the finest, softest, and warmest of fabric to touch the skin to ensure the wearer with an all day long high-comfort and protection experience. These knee warmers are also light so they can wrap lovingly around the knees without weighing you down. Featuring excellent breathable qualities that allows air to freely circulate through and wicks off moisture out to keep you fresh, sweat-free, and cozy warm. Furthermore, these knee cashmere sleeves prompt just the perfect amount of compression to avoid movement restriction and painful squeezing.

  • Non-Slip Design
    Supply an elastic band on both ends to secure the sleeve in place completely unbudging.. No worries as the bands are flexibly tight to prevent unwanted slip offs and reposition without causing harm and blood constriction to the wearer. What’s more? Each thermal knee sleeve comes with a convenient wrap band for a much better non-slip gripping. Great whether you're standing still or moving around walking, running, cycling, exercising, jumping, dancing, and so much more. 
  • Multi-Scene Usage 
    Can effectively deliver you that comfortable warmth even on chilly nights, breezy autumn months, and even on the coldest of wintertime. Making them the perfect gear to protect you while wearing shorts or skirts during the cold seasons. Suitable when you're chilling at-home or out for cycling, gym, sports, jogging, walking dogs, gardening, playing, practice, and more possibilities. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly polyester fiber, spandex, and thick cashmere wool that boasts a superior, comfortable warming effect. The knee sleeves can be easily hand washed or machine washed for cleaning to avoid harmful odor and bacterias from building. They are 100% gentle to the touch to ensure that they can be worn for prolonged continuous periods with no skin irritations, redness, itchiness, and other discomfort. Additionally, this pair of thermal knee pads can keep you warm for multiple wintry seasons to come without wearing-off. Available in different trendy style selections, including orange, leopard, brown and black.


  • Material: Polyester fiber, spandex, cashmere wool fleece
  • Size: Free size
  • Length: 45cm
  • Flexible range: 6.3"-30" (minimum:16cm, expands up to 76cm)
  • Color: Orange / Black / Leopard / Brown


  • 1 x Ultra-thermal Cashmere Fleece Knee Warmer

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