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Cithway™ Winter Thickened Thermal Plush Earmuffs

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Keep your ears nice and toasty until the last snow drops with this winter warming earmuff! 

A must-have winter accessory featuring an extra fluff up, thermal faux fur that successfully bundles the ears cozily. Providing you with maximum warmth and overall ear coverage to protect you against the harshest of cold, wind, and even noise. It allows you to confidently stroll during the chilling wintry months without experiencing ear pain, ear ringing, and hearing loss due to extreme cold. The warming earmuff is super light and soft-to-touch that it will keep you pleasantly warm and comfortable all day long. Moreover, it can ideally flex and hold securely against different head circumference to prevent painful pinching and slip off.    

This winter earmuff adopts a folding design which enables it to be space-savingly and neatly stash into your bag when not in use. The perfect protection to keep you toasty anytime, anywhere especially during an unexpected snowstorm. Furthermore, this fine winter earmuff is available in different eye-catching hues selection that will add a pop of personality on any outfit. Making it a great fashionable ear warmer for everyday winter wear, ice skating, skiing, walking, hiking, camping, ice fishing, or other outdoor sports and activities. Made with premium fabric that boasts to withstand several winter seasons without damaging or causing any skin irritations. 

Enjoy a snowy stroll outdoors in style while staying protected using this winter warming earmuff!  


  • Excellent Warming Effect
    A good winter fuzzy earmuff that is expertly-made with an extra-thick, thermal faux fur to effectively bundle up your ears as the temperature drops. It guarantees you with optimal warmth and ear coverage to keep you perfectly comfortable and protected against the harsh wind, cold, and even from noise! Eliminating the risk of physical changes to the eardrum, ear pain, ringing in the ears, and even hearing loss due to exposure to extreme cold. Making it a great stylish accessory whether you're outside on the snow, walking through the chilly night, or welcoming the start of icy wintry season. 

  • Super Comfortable Wearing
    This warming earmuff features an ultra-soft faux fur that gently covers the whole ears to prevent unwanted scratching or harm. It also has a one size fits most design and high flexibility which can fit cozily and securely on any head circumference. Providing you an all day long comfort wearing experience without being too loose to slip off or too tight to pinch and cause head fatigue. The winter earmuff is very light so you can wear it without weighing you down or worrying about any movement restrictions. It can suit most girls, teens, and ladies!

  • Foldable Design
    The faux fur winter ear cover has a convenient folding feature that allows it to be freely bent into a much more compact size. Allowing it to be carried easily around and stored neatly inside bags while remaining more space for your other essentials. Delivering you with that pleasant toasty feeling anytime, anywhere you are while also letting it be stash when not in use. Ideal when you're out for work, travel, vacation, school, and more possibilities. 

  • High-Fashion Accessory
    This earmuff warmer is not only the warmest, fluffiest thing to ever grace your ears, but it also provides a touch of fresh look and cozy cuteness. It can confidently be mixed and matched to any outfit and make your overall appearance even more stylish. Available in different eye-catching, trendy color selections, including black, peach, white, milk tea coffee, yellow, purple, gray, and so much more. A great fashionable winter protection for your everyday winter wear, ice skating, skiing, walking, hiking, camping, ice fishing, or other outdoor sports and activities.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-loving faux fur fabric and tough, flexible band that strikes an unparalleled comfort and warming performance. It supports an amazing durability that can hold out against multiple winter seasons to come without discoloration, breaking, and wearing-off. This fashion winter ear protection can be worn for a prolonged period without causing skin irritations, itchiness, and other discomfort. No worries as this earmuff is also washable so you can keep it clean and free from any odor or germs build up.  
  • Material: Faux fur
  • 1 x Cithway™ Winter Thickened Thermal Plush Earmuffs

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